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Definition. The extracellular space is the space outside of the cell membrane but part of a multicellular organism. The term is typically used for a secreted protein that remains associated with the cell, e.g. as part of the extracellular matrix.

It measures the space, which is occupied by the extracellular matrix 1-4. of this space in vivo. However, already in the early works of A.L. Kursanov and his colleagues [1,2] it was shown that the transported compound of photosynthesis, sucrose, undergoes hydrolysis in the extracellular space of the leaf. From this it followed that active enzymes function in the extracellular space and are quite likely Psychology Definition of EXTRACELLULAR SPACE: The fluid space of an organism outside the plasma membrane of cells. The extracellular space surrounds cells in a multicellular organism, and is composed of two main parts: interstitial fluid (ISF) and extracellular matrix (ECM).

Extracellular space

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This space is usually taken to be outside the plasma membrane, and occupied by fluid. The spaces occupied by extracellular fluid vary greatly in size and complexity. A number of factors can influence the shift of potassium from the intracellular to the extracellular space (see table below). By itself, this mechanism is a relatively uncommon cause of Lysyl hydroxylase 3 (LH3) modifies proteins in the extracellular space, a novel mechanism for matrix remodeling. Salo AM(1), Wang C, Sipilä L, Sormunen R, Vapola M, Kervinen P, Ruotsalainen H, Heikkinen J, Myllylä R. Author information: (1)Department of Biochemistry and Biocenter Oulu, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland. However, diffusion parameters from DTI, while sensitive to changes in the extracellular space (ECS) geometry, do not have the necessary specificity to measure specific characteristics like the tortuosity and the extracellular volume fraction , necessary to describe neurotransmitter diffusion in the ECS. Media in category "Extracellular space" The following 58 files are in this category, out of 58 total.

Much of what a cell needs can be dissolved or carried around in water. The fluid part of the extracellular space  Extracellular Space.

av G Rönquist · 2007 — They are small organellar structures harboured in multivesicular bodies (”storage vesicles”) and released by exocytosis into the extracellular space. They are 

For organisms with a CELL WALL, the extracellular space includes everything outside of the CELL MEMBRANE including the PERIPLASM and the cell wall. How to pronounce extracellular space?

Extracellular space

Extracellular space refers to the part of a multicellular organism outside the cells, usually taken to be outside the plasma membranes, and occupied by fluid. The composition of the extracellular space includes metabolites, ions, proteins, and many other substances that might affect

7. During seizures, there was a sustained increase in extracellular glutamate to potentially neurotoxic concentrations in the epileptogenic hippocampus. 1: Exosomes A type of extracellular vesicle, containing RNA and proteins, that is secreted into the extracellular space by EXOCYTOSIS when MULTIVESICULAR BODIES fuse with the PLASMA MEMBRANE. Media in category "Extracellular space" The following 58 files are in this category, out of 58 total.

It contains tissue fluid, the water derived from plasma in the adjacent capillaries. The water flows among capillaries, tissue spaces, and cells.
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Extracellular space

A. Extracellular Space and Its Volume Fraction Studies with radiotracers, impedance measurements, and electron microscopy led to contradictory ideas about the ECS in the early 1960s.

The results from the simulations show that the model is able to calculate the  Jul 12, 2019 Such experiments monitor the time-course of the concentration of an extracellular space marker, usually tetramethylammonium ions (TMA+),  Sep 4, 2012 This space is usually taken to be outside the plasma membrane, and occupied by fluid. The spaces occupied by extracellular fluid vary greatly in  Extracellular Matrix Protein Genes encode mostly fibrous Extracellular Matrix Proteins (e.g., Collagen, Elastin, Fibronectins, and Laminin), typically located in the  Download scientific diagram | MiRNA release mechanisms into extracellular space.
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See: extracellular fluid. See also: space. Medical Dictionary, © 2009 Farlex and Partners. Extracellular space synonyms, Extracellular space pronunciation, Extracellular space translation, English dictionary definition of Extracellular space. adj.